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Beta leaked old version Kiselkov or D4rkSp4wn
[ · Download from mirror (6 GB) ] 2012-02-09, 12:53 PM

by Kiselkov     6.0 GB (original version, campaign + multiplayer, movie and servers files) torrent  **NOTE** Kiselkov version is more stable.
by D4rkSp4wn 4.3 GB ready to play, M.P only, without server files (update2 and 3 included) torrent - direct download 

by H3rk Fix black screen for D4rkSp4wn version (48 Mb) direct downloadmirror

Category: ISOS | Added by: Bi0s
Views: 11494 | Downloads: 2666 | Comments: 37 | Rating: 5.0/2
Total comments: 371 2 »
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37 SHMAN  
Kiselkova version freeze when I click on the exit.
there is a solution?
Thanks in advance for your replies!

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36 Bi0s  
try torrent link or "download from mirror"

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Please, anyone can fix the links???all are broken....

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34 Bi0s  
no campaign on hybrid version, only on official FLT or beta full leaked

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33 Joss  
Why is the campaign mode is dark or night and also the multiplayer?

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32 H3RK

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31 H3RK  
Link for 4.Gb Hybrid Torrent

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30 julsak77  
link for direct download is broken, could you verify the link so it will work again. thx. dry

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29 Bi0s  

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28 lam270396  
direct download from hybrid version is down again

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27 jmartinez  
when getting corrupted files please i need the number 3

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26 lam270396  
direct download from hybrid version is down

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25 jmartinez  
the link number 3 can be callous up again is that I'm missing unicio

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24 Ephrem55555  
same old way just click skip one top right biggrin thx

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23 Bi0s  
thx ephrem, link part7 updated

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22 Ephrem55555  
here you go
this is part 7 on mediafire :D
please report any link not working :D
Hope this was useful

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21 Bi0s  
its 3 or 4 , but dont try them, old beta/hybrid don t support high setting (red message on load) , the better setting are minimal (gamer) or middle not more...

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20 seyedmahdi110  
thanks ephrem 5555
by the way
i have Q
i want to play by very hight D
but i dont know what command at system.cfg need to be set and what number?
what the highest number for ex for sys_spec_shadows
3 or 4 or 5 ?
which of them ?

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19 Ephrem55555  
sorry i took mush time to answer, i will upload them on mediafire, tomorrow all jumbofiles links should be ready on mediafire :D thx for downloading :D

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18 seyedmahdi110  
BC that site is filter for us :D

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17 seyedmahdi110  
but there is a problem me and all of my friends cant download from

if u can upload these files at mediafire all of us thanks u

sorry for my bad english.

im waiting for your answer.

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16 seyedmahdi110  
very thanks ephrem55555

go on:D

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15 Bi0s  
it seem hybrid (d4rksp4wn version 4.3 GB) have a bug, black screen in perks menu, if u have... download fix (48 mo) made by H3rk at bottom page

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14 peter12345  
Experiencing problems with part 07 (jumbofiles) :/
Might be down temporary...

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13 Ephrem55555  
i see you have problems with jumbofiles :/ all parts worked here
Tonight I reupload all jumbofiles on mediafire server :D
thx for downloading :D

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12 Dash  
part 3, 4 and 5 are currently not availible. rest is working fine thx.

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11 Ephrem55555  
alex3884 I checked 3 and 5 and they work great, don't know what is the problem you are having :/

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10 Arator95  
This works simply PERFECT ! Thanks ephrem !

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9 alex3884  
please can organize the are the only ones that I need thanks

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8 alex3884  
Part 3 and 5 are not allowed to download

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