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[ Download from this server (14.1 Kb) · Screenshot ] 2012-11-21, 12:28 PM
Current Version 2.7.5

This Mod greatly changes the layout and play of the game, making the Nanosuit a much more powerful weapon.

Home site -


)Realistic Damage (Headshots COUNT!)
)Removed Energy drain from Sprint
)Removed Energy drain from Armor
)Removed Energy drain from Power Jump
)Better ArmorMode!
)ArmorMode provides more protection against Melee
)ArmorMode provides more damage to Melee attack
)Attacking or Failed Stealth Kill will now take only 30% of instead of 100%
)Stealth Kill without cloak Engaged! (Be very quiet and quick for this to work)
)Energy will recharge in Armor when NOT taking damage (After a few seconds)
)Moved Proximity Alarm to Steath Perks
)Increased Clip sizes and Ammo on some weapons
)Increased rate of fire on some weapons
)Slowed down JAW Rocket for better piloting
)Added Premade classes (Air Stomp is added as BONUS 4th Perk)
)Increased life of ALL Grenades
)Improved FlashBang range
)Removed Suit function voice


Assault Rifles

]Classic SCAR-L (From CrysisWARS)


Sniper Rifles
]Tactical 50 Cal.
]Compound Bow (WIP!)

]Colt 1911 (Far Cry)
]Alpha Jackal Shotgun
  *2 new ammo types*(Voltage Shells | Solid Slugs)

Heavy Weapons

]DAO-12 Grenade Launcher

]Smoke Grenades
]Golden Grenades
]Alien Explosive Tipped Arrows

Category: patchs | Added by: H3rk
Views: 4547 | Downloads: 1038 | Comments: 52 | Rating: 1.0/1
Total comments: 521 2 »
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52 VNHunter1  
Would it be legit if we import c3 file to the game or the mod?
Just wondering that's all tongue

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51 Royalgamer06  
Please reupload NanoWars 2.7.5!

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50 scott  
Simple red dot sigth enjoy:) >>>>>>>

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48 scott  
hey H3rk Why did not you add equipmentloadoutitems.xml? so the attachment will not work!! ironsigth reflex scope etc .

0 Spam
49 H3rk  
Attachments work, I did add the information from equipmentloadoutitems.xml

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47 scott  
HEY H3rk i send email u muzzleflash effect fix.

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45 scott  

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46 H3rk  
Is it possible to make
This Reflex sight -->

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43 Bi0s  
wow nice weapon smile

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42 scott  
HAPPY NEW YEAR guyz i work this M4A1

custom weapon sound and more


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44 H3rk  
About time you came back! cool Lets get to work

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40 khalid  
can i install this file in crysis 2 beta version [color=red]

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41 H3rk  
Can you read? The title for this is MOD4Beta cool
So the answer would be,
Answer: yes..

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39 scott  
i send email your H3rk

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37 scott  
There's a gun called the Colt Hammerless :

0 Spam
38 H3rk  
tested, its shiny biggrin

0 Spam
35 scott  
ok dude u looking in the wrong place. locate this file NanoWars.pak\objects\weapons\attachments\scope_x1>>>>>scope_x1.mtl Open the notepad you will see the difference.

The system stores the information in the materials, mtl file is a file of materials.

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36 H3rk  
Ahh, ok, didnt know I could view those with Notepad, wished I knew that sooner happy

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34 H3rk  
I was going to change the dot on Scope_1x, or Reflex, but I cant get them point to any other file other than
...I change this line in xml script
<CrosshairTexture name="Objects/weapons/attachments/eotech/reddot.tif" />
to this..
<CrosshairTexture name="Objects/weapons/attachments/eotech/greendot.tif" />

It still uses, I can change the color of the red dot, but Scope_1x and Reflex will still have the same dot

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32 scott  
This weapon CryENGINE 3 Free SDK not applicable:( btw scope_x1 FIX!!! enjoy

0 Spam
33 H3rk  
You did not!... wow, dude thank you so much. I've been trying find help with that. What did you do?

0 Spam
31 H3rk  
What about this weapon G36C ---

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29 scott  
i add new Weapon colt 1911 different sound to the other revolver gun!!!!! dont change folder structure Just copy and paste the nano wars. packs.


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30 H3rk  
Heres my contact info, we should keep good communication for this project. I thinking of adopting the Stormy Island as one of the official NanoWars maps, also with the Genuine Steel Mill
Skype = h3rk138
email =

0 Spam
27 scott  
I fixed = xsniper_s for scar but not big accuracy

0 Spam
28 H3rk  
xSniper + ForeGrip is actually pretty good, I'll work on changing the Crosshairs for that scope to better fit

0 Spam
26 scott  
Dont use silencer old scar because this is in the wrong position. Watched it but it would be nice to be corrected press the jump button and you will see that it is not good!!!
Unfortunately, it is impossible to open file pak crysis 3 sorry cry

0 Spam
25 H3rk  
If ANYONE could unlock this file I would extremely grateful to you for the method. Its a Crysis3 .pak file and I cant unlock it. cry

0 Spam
20 scott  
hey i add this mod new weapon old scar Crysis Wars . go to link H3rk and try u mod .

0 Spam
21 H3rk  
Thanks for the input buddy biggrin
I fixed the issue with the FY71, I forgot to include model, sorry
Final fix uploaded as of 12/03/2012

0 Spam
23 H3rk  
Wow,, the weapon works. Doesn't really make sense to use an old SCAR that is weaker than the newer one though..

0 Spam
24 H3rk  
Any chance of you uploading any weapons from WarHead? Some players are asking for Duel pistols..

0 Spam
19 scott  
change foregrip subcategory go to >>>>>>>NanoWars.pak\scripts\gamerules\equipmentloadoutitems.xml and look for this line
<item name="ForeGrip" EPD="0">
<Name value="FOREGRIP" />
<Subcategory value="2" />
<Mobility value="-5" />
change :

Subcategory value="2" not "0" I hope this helped.

0 Spam
22 H3rk  
Dude, your fucking awesome. Thank you so much for the help. I was looking for that line. cool

0 Spam
18 H3rk  
Removed SiTh and War_Spirit textures

0 Spam
16 Bi0s  
GUYS please.. PEACE
don't be kids, fight on game not on web smile

i m not guilty for all here, the website is open for all, talk, work, post and more, the website work alone, i just moderate sometime like right now
pirate ? i don t think, there is no really license for the bugy "beta"
we have worked hard on since a long time, debug, rigth setting, fines tunes, maps, addon, patch, admins programs for stats and servers, vehicule drive ect
you never take one things here ? you can ,i swear i will never cry if u take one thing and mod it
the futur for progress is the share sources for evolve
we do all for increase the game and pleasure for a Community who dies with less players every days (beta and official)
we want the same thing like you --> help the Crysis community
the source code is really different between beta and official, in fact it s a big hard work for include official code in beta because too many bugs everywhere inside beta code
for finish.. nothing work, because each guys make new things everyday and it s change the game version each time and they are not able to play together (beta & official)
you are always welcome here and on tunngle crysis room

insult is not tolerate, be nice
don't del comments, never, not permit also, i see all
admit warspirit open the way for moding and greet his work on your product, thx

sorry about this fight talk...

i admit a little side on this web is made for hack official server ( i only want more players on and teach them how to play on other maps and mods )
at this time it s not a really an handicap for crytek when they release crysis III and sale crysis I + crysis II for 9 euros
i admit i've not asked warspirit for post a mod made with his team sources ( have you a mail to send me ? )

have fun, see u later

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17 H3rk  
Bios I tried to be nice about the whole situation, he didnt even take the time to compare differences. I did NOT copy and paste their mod, the ONLY thing we used from SiTh was their textures. CryTek states that we have to right use and modify those files because of the User Right Agreement

0 Spam
15 H3rk  
And wtf did you download? the Read me is nothing close to the Sith read me LOL

0 Spam
12 WaR_SPiRiT  
Haha I just downloaded this mod and its great. All the work you did was awesome and the Sith mod is crap compared to this. It's clear you did just use textures.
You're real talented bro. wink keep up the good work.

0 Spam
13 H3rk  
Can you even read? You see that big ass list of changes? I had to convert all that content to work for old unsupported game files. And yes I did change some XML files. Values that are original to me. Dont you see that we gave Credit. you fucking ass master

0 Spam
14 H3rk  
Your being a little girl about all this. I dont give 2 fucks who the credit goes to, so long as players are playing, so you can piss into the wind all you want.

0 Spam
10 WaR_SPiRiT  
I don't think pirates have any rights to be honest. I hope you get locked up one day. Good luck in life and good bye.

0 Spam
11 H3rk  
Locked up for what? Hahaha, you don't even understand the right agreement LMFAO. Please,, do explain yourself. I would love to be enlightened.

0 Spam
9 H3rk  
The first sentence explains clear as day. "Cry" all you want. And I do actually own game, so I'm a pirate?
6. Contributing Your Own Content to Crytek Services; License Grant to Crytek and Others
In exchange for Crytek enabling your contribution of Content, when you contribute Content to an Crytek Service, you expressly grant to Crytek a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, complete and irrevocable right to quote, re-post, use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, syndicate, license, print, sublicense, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and perform the Content, or any portion thereof, in any manner or form and in any medium or forum, whether now known or hereafter devised, without notice, payment or attribution of any kind to you or any third party. You grant Crytek all licenses, consents and clearances to enable Crytek to use such Content for such purposes. You waive, and agree not to assert any moral or similar rights you may have in such Content.

If the Crytek Service on which you contribute Content permits other users to access and use that contributed Content as part of the Crytek Service, than you also grant all other users of the relevant Crytek Service the right to use, copy, modify, display, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise communicate and distribute your contributed Content on or through the relevant Crytek Service without further notice, attribution or compensation to you.

0 Spam
8 WaR_SPiRiT  
I don't think you understand the idea of "stealing". It'd be like me getting a pre-release of Crysis 3 and releasing "Crysis 3 by War Spirit" and saying oh by the way all this was made by Crytek not me. You're the one that is in the wrong here not me. I don't see why my comments are being deleted.

I only want to help the Crysis community, but having my work stolen by pirates like you is not helping the Crysis community in any way. You're using mine and others legitimate work to give hackers and pirates more enjoyment out of their pirated games? GTFO. I did not create my mod for the benefit of hacker and pirate scumbags.

I see clearly now the type of people this pirate website is made of. Sorry Bi0s.

0 Spam
7 H3rk  
I forgot to mention, that i made EVERYTHING here by myself. Even the weapons, I made all the models and all the textures and the attachments and did all of the coding from scratch. No one else had anything to do with this content....

~Now see War Spirit, if I had done THAT, it would be stealing. And NO, I would NOT like to work with your team, or you. Proving your a big "Cry-Baby" has done nothing but discourage me from your content or anything your team promotes. You we're welcomed here and you ignored us, now you take the time ONLY to call us thieves?! Fuck off and stop wasting my time bitch.

0 Spam
6 H3rk  
So it would seem War-Spirit is a dainty little bitch about the textures and attachments. So Im going to have to do some work to remove all of the other "Bells and Whistles' from this. Not much of a change, this will still provide a change to gameplay.

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