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Full version work only on E.A servers with a valid serial, dont ask for, we haven't, this version not work in LAN, since update 1.2 electronic arts/crytek fixed the serial code bypassing. you need the beta leaked if you want play multiplayer !! or go here

BETA LEAKED version work fine, i suggest KISELKOV beta version (6 GB) or Hybrid version by D4rkSpawn (4.3 GB). it's not a demo, campaign and multiplayer work with all maps and weapons.

If your crysis ask for a serial, its not the beta version.
for check version go in folder game /crysis 2/, go in sub folder /bin32/, right clic on crysis2.exe, property, then go to Details, and see what is written under File Version. It should say
if your game name is the same as your session windows, its probably beta version.
you can also check directly with console in game, write inside: version

KISELKOV version have two languages, russian and english
and we have 4 mores langs pak: french, italian, german, spanish, ( look under)

old beta leaked 6.0 GB
D4rksp4wn hybrid 4.3 GB (moovies removed) ready to play, updates include + FIX (by H3rk)
Kiselkov Homepage russian
Kiselkov Homepage translated
Mini version of Beta 2.3 GB with 4 maps anticheat and fixs by alexandr_war

Extract iso and mount it with deamon tools and install in russian language for the moment, skip install tunngle inclued at the end and download last one here

TUTORIALS: tuto1, tuto2, tuto3

others VIDEOS tutorial ->HERE<-

Extract all in main folder, program files**/**/crysis 2/

download and replace at ROOT folder game, SYSTEM.CFG

UPDATE2 : DLC maps pack (Retaliation + Decimation by Kiselkov)

UPDATE3 (by Predatah, gizda, alex) 
maps: BattleArea, Cityruins, Bridge, CollapsedHighwayV2, Forest, ForestV2, HotelRoofTopV2, Poolday, Shipment, KillhouseV2, Dust, Italy, Warhouse, ShipV2, Skiddrow, SniperAim, Solids2, Training

UPDATE4 (by D4rkSp4wn)
maps: cavern, sithforest, stormy island, vacation, library war, lost in the city, starry, vacant

UPDATE5 (by Gizda1)
maps: BattleArea, Centralpark, Hotelrooftop, Powerplant, Shipment, Timessquare, Trophychambers, Urbantown, Poolday cm, Training 

SYSTEM.CFG enable LAN, improve fast fps, fix bugs

map Toywar
map Cafe
map Poolday_CM
map Little Island
map Steelmill
map Genuine_Steelmill
map trek
map tentative
map downposition
map harbour
map deadspawn
map alien_1sland beta (My first map)
map sith forest
map cavern
map stormy island
map mp ruins

map vacation
map library war
map lost in the city

map vacant
map outpost
Official E.A fans maps pack IGNITION
map powerplant
map trophychamber
map timesquare
map urbantown
map centralpark


SP mod demolab
SP mod
operation with moon
experimental COOP MOD terminalcoop

maps pack+ 4 with auto installer (self extract) 892 MB by gizda
BattleArea, cw_Killhouse, bridge, cafe, collapsedhighway, deadspawn, forest, cw2_forest, hotelrooftop, cw2_killhouse, littleisland, cw2_nyc_park_beta, poolday, ruins, shipment, steelmill, TrainingGround, underworld train, Dust, Italy, malieni, Poolday_CM, Ship, Skidrow, SniperAim, Street, Training,
torrent link


Go on crysis root folder ../../Crysis 2/, Extract update and paste with his sub folders, copy and replace all, 
exemple C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis2\*update here*

Well it's could happen...
go in folder game /crysis 2/
delete all .LOG files in root folder
if you have user.cfg or autexec.cfg delete them
download a new clean SYSTEM.CFG
extract and replace it in main folder /crysis 2/
open it with notepad, search this line -> sys_user_folder = Crysis2
and change this line by -> sys_user_folder = C2B
close and save, go in sub folder /LogBackups/ and delete all files
start game, go in campaign menu (story mod) create a new profil with a different game name
start game and have fun

Download system.cfg
you can also turn off your antivirus when you play, close all others useless programs like MSN, SKYPE
tutorial and tips for speed up WINDOWS 7
in crysis2 options : disable music and net voice, set grafic on GAMER, disable vertical synch
for nvidia graffic card, go in Nvidia panel, section physx, choose grafic card, nerver auto or cpu !!!

We haven't players names on scoreboard in team instant action
game crash if you speak too much in lobby
if players cheat or fly, the game can be crash
if client game or server crash, your progress is lost
if you shoot continously (in loop) with Heavy Mounted Gun (HMG) it s could crash, fix
we can't change the name game easy, but it s possible

at the end of your partys , turn back on single player (campaign menu) and close game, and yours xps are saved
or backup/zip profil folder your self
on update2 and patch 1F > C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis2\USER\
on XP > C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR SESSION NAME\My documents\Crysis2\
on VISTA/SEVEN > c:\Users\YOUR SESSION NAME\Saved Games\Crysis2\
most people are bored too loose progress, so you can start automatically in level 50
with key F9 in game on servers managed by FERCON
or write pp_defaultUnlockAll = 1 in system.cfg or in console, we understand that, don't worry
sometime you need to do a right clic on profil folder, property and uncheck write protection

your game name is the same as your windows session name.. so we need to fix it
windows menu > start > search or run > CMD , when d.o.s windows coming, write inside: Control Userpasswords2
choose advanced options > button advanced > choose your session > right clic > rename
save, close and reboot - be carefull it s DANGEROUS if you do anything !!

CRYSIS2 BETA, SYSTEM.CFG and last version of TUNNGLE
register a tunngle account, start tunngle, search crysis 2 room, start game, multiplayer, join, have fun
if you can, open yours ports 11155 UDP and 64000 at 64100 UDP/TCP
or allow Upnp protocol on windows firewall,your moden routeur and tunngle option

many reasons, could be bad patch version, cheat, big lag, crashing server, port closed, maps missing, rotation map, kick or ban by admin

this is mean you have not all maps OR bad patch, in order download update2, update3 and custom maps
for remove patch go in folder /engine/ and remove patch.pak or patch(1f).pak files

key escape for menu > option > control > keyboard , reset your key and save
you can also download custom keyboard setting unloaked
go here C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis2\GameCrysis2\Libs\Config\
open defaultprofil.xml with notepad and change your keyboard mapping as you want

not easy and you can't turn back, i sugest one backup before
found your lang pak, expl: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis2\GameCrysis2\Localized\english.pak
open it with Izark or 7zip, follow this path > C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis2\GameCrysis2\Localized\English.pak\Languages\dialog\suit_male\
and look for suit_voice***** to delete

Write pp_defaultUnlockAll = 1 in system.cfg, start game, play party , press escape key (before F1)
click on FORCE COMMANDER, return at party, now you have level 50 and all nanos option unloacked
some servers can give you the level 50 by the key F9
or simply download my system.cfg

two ways:
A) by client game, start game and CREATE GAME, or
B) by dedicate server bin, you can found a
server pack ready to start with tools for admin
    read the TXT and pdf for customize your server and start it with SERVER.BAT in main folder game

you can find a tool Fercon, start it, press status button and look IP of the cheater, go in banlist, write IP of cheater.
Also an alternate tool recently added, Rconnect ( version ALPHA ) by Jake, work again flyers
or found IP of the cheater on the tunngle windows when you put your mouse on the name of the cheater, and write in tunngle chat /banip X.X.x.x (replace X by ip or name)

It's a big problem... it's because you and/or people have the DLC map update2 of Kiselkov and no patch, anyway we can fix it !!
download Gamespy.cfg
extract and paste the file with subfolders in main folder game

A) maybe you have PATCH 1F, its change your version game and you can't join unpatched server
so roolback and remove patch, go in folder game /engine/ and remove patch.pak or patch(1f).pak file
B) you are banned for cheat, contact admin server and make apology :)
C) server just rotate map or just crashed , refresh server list and try to connect again
D) tunngle fail, join another tunngle room and come back on crysis2 room for resynchonise, or restart tunngle
E) you have a bad version of game, demo (with 2 maps), pirated official version, download beta LEAKED
F) you don't have system.cfg or bad version, download system.cfg

For tunngle 11155 UDP
for crysis2 64000 at 64100 UDP and TCP - 53835, 52264, 54155 in UDP
for rcon if you use it, you can take 8888 TCP
for setting open ports in your modem you can try this , login: Admin, Password: Admin
you can also try to connect manualy on server by ip, open console in game (key²) and write -> connect ip_of_server
like this: connect or this: connect
for found ip of server point your mouse cursor on tunngle name hoster

download archive, extract it somewhere, copy and replace the folder GameCrysis2 in main folder of /crysis 2/

video tutorial --> HERE

ok, it's a bug, u can find invisibility fix --> HERE

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