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Main » 2012 » October » 7 » How to play Crysis 2 V1.9 on official server
1:51 PM
How to play Crysis 2 V1.9 on official server


STEP 1: Download and Install Crysis 2 FLT release
STEP 2: Install Patch 1.9   -
STEP 3: copy crack Bin32 folder and overwrite!
STEP 4: copy Crysis 2 community dedicated server content crysis 2 root folder
STEP 5: block the port 29910 just see the video ! **IMPORTANT** You can only join server that also have blocked this port!
STEP 6: create a new account and make up your own key. You will need a separate account for a server,,  
STEP 7: Put your server account details in Dedicated.cfg if you wish to create a server 
STEP 8: run the game and login
STEP 9: search the Server List for "NO KEY" or "Cracked" and join :)


Crisis 2 FLT Relase:
Cracked Server with Patch 1.9
OR :

High res Textures and DX11 Download:

IMPORTANT: account you will need one of the two plays, the second of which is the data type of the dedicated server. Cfg file



STEP1: Download SiTH C2 MOD2
STEP2: Installing mod
STEP3: Searching crysis 2 folder and mods folder copy SiTHC2MPMOD2 rar content mods folder
STEP4: Searching levelrotation.xml and change server name example CRACKED SERVER[NO-KEY]SiTHC2MPMOD2
STEP5: Run C2MPMOD2 (2) shortcuts mods/folder server run now!
STEP6: Run C2MPMOD2 shortcuts mods/folder game run now!
STEP7: Searching SiTH C2 MOD2 [NO KEY] Server and join:)

download link SiTH C2 MOD2 :
OR :


Detailed balance/bug fix patch notes:

LVL 50 All player
Replaced orbital strike with radar jammer on all maps.
Removed speed boost from scar with laser.
Fixed the smoke bug with scarab with silencer.
Granted all players Retriever 3 to combat reset bug.
Added killstreaks for Ignition maps.
Removed assualt scope sensitivity increase.
Enabled silencer to be equipped on the scar.
Increased overall speed of player movement.
Increased sprint energy consumption.
Increased recoil on scar laser.
Increased cloak tracker range and duration.
Increased final killstreak to 10 kills.
Increased max nanosuit health.
Increased ceph speed.
Increased nanovision energy drain.
Increased nanovision visibility of enemies.
Increased threat tracer effectiveness.
Increased speed and duration of ceph killstreak.
Increased air stomp minimum radius and damage.
Increased damage of gauss.
Reduced FY71 damage.
Reduced FY71 recoil.
Reduced melee damage.
Reduced jackal pellet damage.
Reduced Aim Enhance 3 speed boost.
Reduced speed boost slightly of heavy weapons with loadout pro 3.
Reduced L-tag rate of fire.
Reduced DSG-1 damage.
Reduced gauss clip size to 1 (2 with ext. mags).
Reduced speed of gauss scope in and scope out.
Reduced civilian car explosion damage (non-insta-kill).

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed please leave a comment and a like! ( Gizda1 )

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Total comments: 19
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1 Diseased  
Thank I3i0s for your work. You created usefull article.
My server is up around the clock. Standard one or Sith's mod. No key needed.

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2 Bi0s  
ho great, i admit i havent tryed yet, but i will do soon, promess smile

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3 H3rk  
For those of you who are requesting the Ultra setting in Graphics, HD Textures pack, & DirectX 11 setting for retail.

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4 khalid  
thanks for evry thing but i don't have this Crytek file, what can i do; please reply

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5 khalid.  
Bi0s, i don't have this file what can i do

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6 Bi0s  
what file u talk ?

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7 H3rk  
Patch 1.9 for Crysis2 Retail -

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8 khalid.  
Bi0s, i don't have the file that is in Local Disk (C:)____Program Files (x86)_____Electronic Arts______ ˃ Crytek ˂ i don't this file that is shown in the video

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9 Bi0s  
u have not the game, read the article...
Crisis 2 FLT Relase:

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10 KOzAK  
Crysis Dedicated Server Error 14 cry

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11 Abdullah  
I cant see cracked servers only legit ones if any one have them upload the server list.

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12 Bi0s  
download nanowar mod and check this server --> NanoWars|NO-KEY|

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13 khalid.  
Bi0s, is there is any way to connect the official EA servers ?

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14 Bi0ss  
yes it is explained above...
i repeat.. again

1 - download official pirated version FLT v1.9 on "pirate bay" website or others
2 - download and install NANOWARS mod from cbeta here -->
3 - read instructions, join E.A servers, find craked server with nanowar mod, play, have fun

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15 EphremB  
Man, i installed crysis 2 FLT, downloaded the 1.9 patch from the link above, but it can't find my game :/

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16 Bi0s  
try nanowar mod (contain crack + tool server) for v1.9

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17 Adamo  
i couldn't connect to servers 
i have error: 
[Lobby]EndTask 18 (18) Error 51 
how to fix?

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18 aaa  
is this still working?

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19 Bi0s  
i think yes

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