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Main » 2012 » February » 8 » play in coop mod with beta
6:31 PM
play in coop mod with beta

Crysis 2 Co-op is a mod that will enable AI in multiplayer for cooperative gameplay through the single player campaign.

for the moment you can download this bugy mod in download section. 

The CryOp team have said that the mod will allow for up to 4 players to work their way through the Crysis 2 SP campaign. The team have also sighted lessons learned from previous mod experience and are planning to release the project in stages, the first of which being 3 levels: "Second Chance", "Terminus" and "Dead Man Walking".

We can't wait to see more from the CryOp team.


first download the beta mod here
go in main folder game /crysis 2/
and extral all

  • 1) go here > ...\crysis 2\Mods\Crysis2CoopDemo\Bin32\
  • 2) right clic and property on Crysis2DedicatedServerCoopDemo shortcut
  • 3) rewrite the correct path for the beta bin with -mod Crysis2CoopDemo at the end, like in picture
  • 4) check if all paths for bins are correct, for me under xp its => "C:\Program Files\Crysis2\Bin32\Crysis2.exe" -mod Crysis2CoopDemo
  • 5) repeat the same thing for Crysis2CoopDemo shortlink

if you are the server: start Crysis2DedicatedServerCoopDemo shortlink first and write in at the last line: map terminalcoop

if you are only a client bypass this step and follow the next one

start Crysis2CoopDemo shortlink second

in menu multiplayer join terminalcoop

when you are in game don't moove (if you go through the door, coop can t join you) and wait coop. when all coop are in game,  through the door and take the elevator.

have fun :p

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Total comments: 4
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1 H3rk  
Works, but need more maps and better spawn\death management.

2 Spam
2 Bi0s  
lol i just saw your comment

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3 4e6ypatop  
didn't test that mode, but I'll do it in future

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4 Sub1  
Anyone knows a Server IP for TerminalCoop Servers???-----

Wanna create one but i fail;).....Maybe i can connect on a online Server.

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